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How to Consistently Attract Clients Without Being Salesy

How to Consistently Attract Clients Without Being Salesy

What are you really selling? … In other words, why do you do what you do?

Beneath this question lies your business’s true purpose. And here’s the truth. Your business’s true purpose needs to be more than just to make money.

But … Sarah-Jane, Isn’t the reason for starting my business so that I can have the freedom to work around my situation?

Yes, but this cannot be the ONLY reason for starting your business. 

In order to keep going through the journey that is entrepreneurship, attract a queue of ideal prospects, prevent debilitating overwhelm, and have total freedom you will need to have some core foundations in place.

Uncovering your business’s true purpose.

The first question to ask yourself is this…

Why would someone need or want service you offer? 

If you can’t answer that, why would you expect someone else to invest in your service?

Have a think about how you help others transform their life in some way. Perhaps you help others with something you have been through personally?


The Ideal Customer Avatar.

Now take a moment to imagine one person who would be the perfect customer for your service.

And, I hear you when you say… 

Just one person, Sarah-Jane?! My offering is suitable for many types of people!’ 

Yes, just one person because understanding this buyer will ironically the KEY to attracting a queue of buyers.

Ever heard of the saying “When you speak to everyone, you speak to no one”?


Understanding YOUR ideal customer avatar.

Your Ideal Customer Avatar (ICA for short) can be a fictional character that you create in your imagination, or it can be a real person that you know. 

Just as long as it’s someone who makes you say…

 “WOW! if every customer was like this person, my business would THRIVE!” 


Here are some things to keep in mind: 1) Your offering needs to solve your ideal customer problem. 2) Your values should match those of your ideal client.

Let’s imagine you are in the secret Santa at work and you must choose a gift for whoever comes out of the hat. 

You cross your fingers for someone you know! 

Out the hat comes Stacey. 

AMAZING! the person you’ve spent five years dreaming about escaping from your job and sharing literally EVERYTHING with. 

You know her so well that picking a gift for her will be EASY.

But, Imagine if you had to do the same for Steve, a newbie to the workplace who you’ve not yet had a chance to say hi to, let alone have a conversation with!


You could guess…all blokes like beer, right? And he may like it but the chances are, even if he does, it’s not going to be ideal.

 It’s the same if you’re offering a service for customers. If you know them well… It’s going to fit their needs and they will like it!  If you don’t… well, you’re just taking a stab in the dark! 

Creating an ICA allows you to get to know your customer, almost as if they were a close friend of yours!

 Creating your ICA.

Grab a sheet of paper, let’s get started with creating your ICA. Shall we?


What is her name? 

(It’s important to give your ICA a name as this makes her seem more real!)

I would recommend visiting a stock graphics website to give the name a face! Hello Stacey!


What are her demographic traits?

(Demographic traits are external factors of your ideal prospect. For example her age, gender, education, income level, marital status, etc)

Stacey, female & currently single is a 32-year-old marketing graduate. She works as a Marketing Manager and takes home $70,000 a year. She is deeply religious and a devout spiritualist.


What are her psychographics traits?

(Phsycographics traits are the internal factors of your ideal prospect, things like values, beliefs & her worldview etc)

Here are some questions to get YOUR creative juices flowing.

What is her story? 
(Has she been through anything in her life?, what is her worldview and beliefs etc?) By understanding these aspects of your ICA, you will be able to connect with her.


What is she thinking before coming across your service? 
(for example, is she feeling nervous about something and how could you turn this around for her)


What is her biggest problem? 


What is her biggest pain point/frustration to do with the problem? 


What does she hope to solve or accomplish? 


How does she feel when she comes across your service and how will she feel after working with you? 

(whats the transformation that she will experience)

Here is a basic ICA example.

“I’ve been trying to understand how to showcase my service to the world through the online web. 

I work long hours anyway, but the traveling to and from work takes me three hours alone. And with my health condition, it’s all too much. I am exhausted.

By the time I leave work, collect baby from mum’s and get home, I just don’t have the time or energy to work on building a website. I need to learn how I can make my service work online. 

It would be a dream to have the freedom and not need to work around those with different values to myself.

Ah, I wish there was a step by step course which I could do in my own time. I’m SO overwhelmed trying to fit all the pieces together alone.   

I believe in doing things properly so I must find the right one. 


Where to begin with getting to know your ICA?

Finding out where your ideal customer is hanging out will allow you to understand her on a deeper level. 

Joining forums related to your niche and Facebook groups are a good place to start.

Spend your time reading & engaging with posts from other people. And ask questions.


This exercise, if missed, is the major mistake that causes most websites and ultimately businesses to fail. Knowing who you are speaking to is the key to being the go-to in your niche. You will write copy and create content that will allow your customers to know you, like you, and trust you which is the key to converting visitors into customers! 


I’m passionate about helping fellow female introverts, who require freedom and flexibility to work from home. 




Because that was me several years ago. I KNOW the struggle and the anxiety the process can bring. 


Remember! You can’t make everyone happy!

I know, I know… you love to please! So do I, but… you don’t want to be the generic message in a crowded marketplace. 


You can always cater to different needs once you’ve developed your business further by creating different services that speak to a different ICA.

How to Consistently Attract Clients Without Being Salesy