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8 Ways to Add Magic to Your Gifts

8 ways to add a magical touch to your gift giving

Consider the personality of your recipient

Think about what they love, what they would actually use and appreciate. What do they find humor in? Consider their surroundings and what kinds of things they enjoy. Knowing these details will help you with your gift inspiration.

Take time in the details

We think the packaging of the gift is just as important as the gift itself. A personal (hand written) note and the elements of the wrapping. The love and care you put into each part of the gift is an extension of your thoughtfulness.

Have fun with current trends

Using marble and watercolors is a fun and creative way to create gift cards, gift wrap and even gift boxes. You can easily use these methods to give your gifts a touch of your own originality.
They are perfect for spring and will help give your gift a pop of color.

Incorporate Fresh Florals

The use of fresh florals adds a “wow” factor to any gift. With the beautiful springtime blooms available it should be easy for you to create a lovely bouquet that makes the recipient smile with delight.

Gifts that give back

There are so many opportunities now to buy amazing gifts that will not only make the recipient feel the love, but also do good all over the world. Find what you are passionate about supporting and incorporate your gift with giving back to that cause. Wish & Pink is honored to partner with Kind Campaign and 20% from the sales of our KINDness gift box goes to support their cause of promoting healthy female relationships.

Know the story

People love knowing the story behind the gift. Where did it come from, is it an antique, who made it….Knowing and sharing these details will make the gift feel special and more personal.

DIY + Handmade

Gifting something that you created and is one of a kind gives the gift an extra special touch.
You can draw, paint and create with the recipient in mind. When I am packaging my gifts, I am thinking about the people I care about and what I can design that will make this gift extra special.

Be generous

Generosity doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money. Generosity means giving your time, effort, concern and care.
Gifts are an extension of generosity and are a beautiful way to give something to someone that they may not buy for themselves. Being generous and gifting something they will love will feel extra special.

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