Holiday Gift Guide for the Boss Lady

Ladies and Gents (but mostly ladies ahah), the season has come for spoiling ourselves, rewarding all of our hard work throughout the whole year.

Whether you're shopping for yourself of for your fellow boss ladies, the month of December holds some of the greatest surprises, some of the most useful (and also aesthetic let's be honest) gifts.

So stick with me, I'll reveal to you my top 10 best finds for this year's explosive Holiday Season.


10. Candy by SUGARFINA Value: $10.00 (link:

9. Scuffette slippers by UGG Value: $90.00 (link:

8. Silk/Satin Kimono by Victoria's Secret Value: $89.50 (link

7. Polaroid Value: $120.00 (link:

6. Headphones by Beats by Dre Value: $200 (link:

5. Suitcase by Chiara Ferragni Value: $250.00 (link:

Planner Louis Vuitton Gift Guide

4. Planner by Louis Vuitton Value: $180.00 (link:

3. Champagne bottle by Moët & Chandon Value: $60.00 (link:

2. Candle by Ryan Porter Candler Value: $29.00 (link:

1. Pink Eyelashes Mug by Sweet Water Decor Value: $20.00 (link:

Hairclip by Emi Jay Value: $34.00 (link: )


Fuzzy high knee socks by Value: $.00 (link: )

Pillow Talk Lipstick by Charlotte Tilbury Value: $32.00 (link:

Planner by Bloom Daily Planners Value: $29.95 (link: