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6 Genius Gifts Ideas For Your Boss


6 genius gift ideas for your boss

Finding a gift for your boss is a seasonal trap. Regardless of whether or not you like them, you need to find something that toes the line between professionalism and personalisation. Lucky for you, we found 17 gifts that are so good, they might just give you that promotion you've been eyeing. From HR-approved cheeky notebooks to chic desk accessories, shop our gift guide.


1. Set of 5 Travel Size Candles

A fancy candle set that says, I love luxury but I'm not rich enough to afford it.


2. Mug Warmer Coffee Cup Warmer

Nothing is worse than a cold cup of coffee. Thankfully, this heater, will keep them caffeinated until you clock out.  

3. Wool-Blend Throw


The AC in your office is too damn high. Everyone should own a desk blanket. 


4. Pure Silk Pillow and Mask Travel Set


A redeye requires a good sleep mask, not the crappy ones the airline provides.


5. Duck Bag

This sturdy bag is strong enough to hold a laptop and everything else they need for work. 


6. Porter Water Bottle

Hold each other accountable for drinking more water. 


6 genius gift ideas for your boss