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Why NOW is the Best Time to Launch Your Subscription Box Idea

Calling all aspiring Subscription Box Entrepreneurs! Our founder, Estèle Merrot, will be tackling some tough industry topics over the next couple weeks. Today, she’s talking about Why NOW is the Best Time to Launch Your Subscription Box Idea!
* Why people LOVE subscription boxes, making the industry hot right now!
Subscription boxes have become increasingly popular among shoppers for many different reasons. The main ones? Convenience (at-home delivery), curation (niche products made just for them), sense of community (belonging to a group with similar interest and sharing on same topics), discount (they get all the products for a fraction of the retail price they'd normally pay).


* How long it will take you to launch
The overall process of launching your subscription box business can take up to 3 months. You have to account for the time preparing your business plan, your box prototype, your website, sourcing your products, taking care of all the legal and financial aspects, marketing your box to the public. Do not underestimate the amount of work to be done. However it is much easier when you have an exact roadmap like the one we give you inside this 10 Steps Checklist to Start Your Own Subscription Box.


* Why there is a massive SURGE in subscription box sales coming in the near future
  • from a customers + market point of view
  • with Covid, people are looking for convenience (easier than shopping)
  • surprise and delight effect: unique curated experience, tailored to the person
  • save time and money
  • super good value (bargain price compared to retail value)
  • try new products
  • enjoy receiving products in the mail
  • from a business owner point of view
  • predictable income
  • revenues on repeat
  • still very low competition
  • a lot of niches are still untapped unexplored
  • increasingly common way of ordering products
  • big MNCs are getting at it (Amazon, Coca, Sephora Play etc)
Don’t sit on a money-maker idea or let someone else launch YOUR idea first! NOW is the best time to launch your subscription box. Get access to our signature program The Subscription Box Incubator and start building your business today!
why now is the best time to launch a subscription box business