About Us

Box for Boss is a monthly subscription box made for women entrepreneur with big ambitions and high self-care standards.

We provide you with products, and a community to skyrocket both your business efficiency and personal well-being.

Our Founder Box for Boss

Why boxes? 

They say 'Create what you wish existed'.

During my entrepreneurship journey, I've learnt so much about the struggles, the ups and downs, the unavoidable fears and doubts.

Most importantly, I got to try out and gather all the great tools, tips, hacks, services and products that truly make a difference in a boss woman’s day and life. And I want to share them with you too.

So I took a step back and asked myself: 'What can I do in order to be improving as many women bosses’ lives as possible, as much as possible? How can I bring the best of what I’ve learnt, of the tools, books and platforms I use and share it with them?'.

That’s when the aha moment kicked in… 

A box, paired with a community online, appeared to be the perfect way to combine the best value.

I would deliver directly to all those amazing women the very best products that will take them from overwhelmed, stressed and lost to clear, consistent and successful EVERY SINGLE MONTH!

Why every month?

We know that starting or scaling your business all by yourself can feel pretty overwhelming. Women entrepreneurship can feel super lonely and we need this connection, this community, this support, each of the 12 months of the year.

If we have a question, they need an ear to turn to. If we hit a wall, we need a shoulder to cry on. If we feel overwhelmed and unmotivated or desperate, we need other women to cheer us up, to make us feel better, to tell us it’s okay to be vulnerable sometimes because we all are.

It’s not just about pretty products in a pretty box. It’s a perpetual/on-going/ever-growing/strengthening relationship process.

Because the solution lies in your habits, BOX for BOSS is your monthly shot of empowerment in a box delivered to your doorstep once a month. We are here to serve you. And serving you we will.