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What is BOX for BOSS and what is inside each box every month?

BOX for BOSS is an online community and monthly box on a mission to empower every modern female entrepreneur out there! Concretely, it brings to you the opportunity to improve your business efficiency, adopt a healthy lifestyle while increasing your personal well-being. We don't disclose in advance the products inside the box however it will most likely includes products from those categories: books, planners, at home tools, stationeries, tech gadget, wellness items, and many more...

What are the different payment plans available ?

BOX for BOSS is available as a month-to-month plan, 3 months plan and annual plan. All plans are billed monthly. You save 17% if you go with the 3 months plan. You get 1 box FREE if you select the annual plan, Hooray! If at any point in time you would like to upgrade your subscription, please contact with the subject line 'Upgrade Plan + [your name]'.


Will my subscription renew automatically at the end of the last shipment? What if I want to end it? 

Yes, all subscriptions will automatically renew at the end of your last scheduled shipment. If you wish to end your subscription after your last box has shipped, please notify us at least within 24h before your next bill date so that we can update your subscription status and cancel the renewal. Failure to do so will result in automatic billing and shipping of the box for the month you've just paid for.

What are the shipping and billing dates?

We ship your pink parcel around the 17th of each month. It should be with you within 5-7 days. 

You will be billed for your first month as soon as you sign up. You will then be charged on the first of each month.

  1. If you bought a 1 month subscription on May 8th you will be billed again on June 1st.
  2. If you bought a 3 month subscription on May 18th you will be billed again on August 1st.

All plans will renew automatically at the end of the commitment period unless cancelled.

If you are unsure of your subscription status, you can login to your Box for Boss account to see the billing date.

Where do you ship?

At the moment only inside the contiguous US. We're working very hard on extending shipping to UK and Europe ASAP!

How much does shipping cost?

FREE. ZERO. NADA. You have better things to invest your money in than shipping, am I right?



Can I give this as a gift?

Absolutely! We encourage you to do so! Box for Boss is the perfect box to gift the Ultimate boss lady. To gift a membership, simply¬†1) choose¬†the length of their subscription¬†2) add it¬†to your cart and¬†3) check¬†‚ÄúThis is a gift‚ÄĚ at checkout. You can even add a custom message. Make sure that you correctly enter YOUR billing address but THEIR shipping address.

What happens when a gift subscription ends?

All gift subscriptions are prepaid for at checkout, no additional charges apply and cancellation will not be required.


How do I update my payment or shipping informations?

To make any changes to your subscription, including shipping address or credit card information, simply Login to your Member Area by clicking here and make the necessary changes there.

When will my BOX for BOSS arrive?

We ship your amazing pink parcel around the 4th of each month. It should be with you within 5-7 days. Please contact with the Subject: 'Shipping Issue'  if you have any issues with shipping.


How do I know I will like and use the products? 

We build our boxes with you, quite literally! Box for Boss gives the power to its members, meaning that members vote for their favourite products, make products, themes and brands’ suggestions. The team then combines it all with feedback from the past boxes to bring you only the very best to the table. We are not just a box of stuff. We are on a mission to help you skyrocket your life and business and we take it very seriously, with a pinch of humour, always. You also have the freedom to join and leave when and for how long you’re pleased. Nobody retains you by force or against your will here. Freedom first girl!

My box hasn't arrived yet what should I do?

Has the delay of 5 to 7 days (after the 4th of each month) passed? If your tracking number shows that your box was delivered but you cannot find it, we recommend that you should call your local Post Office. In most cases they will able to locate it quickly. We are happy to help as much as we can. Kindly note that we cannot be held responsible for lost or stolen packages after delivery is confirmed by the carrier.

What is the cancellation policy?

We would be super sad to see you leave but we understand that sometimes finances can be a roller coaster. You can choose to cancel or discontinue your subscription at any time. Just Login to your Box for Boss account and follow the instruction to cancel. 

IMPORTANT. Please note that if you have committed to a multi month subscription and have boxes left to receive, you will be billed for & shipped the remaining boxes. Upon completion of your subscription you will automatically be cancelled.

Any discount given on the first month of a 3 or 12 month subscription requires that you stay subscribed for the entire initial commitment period. If you request to cancel before the end of the initial commitment period, we will gladly welcome you back when you are able to rejoin.

You must cancel your subscription 24 hours before the renewal date. All cancellation requests received after the renewal date will apply to the following renewal.

I'm not too sure about my details info I have inputed at checkout, how can I check and update them? 

It is very important that you insert a correct shipping address. Failing to do so can lead to major problem for shipping, meaning you can have troubles receiving your boxes. Since both you and us don't want this inconvenient to happen, please double or triple check the address you input. In order to change or update it, simply click on LOGIN on the main Menu (or footer) or the site and login with your personal details. Make sure to keep it updated if you move out into a new place.

What is your replacement policy? What if an item is broken or damaged when arriving? 

We obviously have a refund/replace policy; in fact not having one is illegal. In case your box has arrived with a damaged item you have two options. Either you can ship back the box to our fulfillment centre with a note regarding the item and we'll make sure to replace the damaged item. The second option is that you send an email to with your request and a proof of the damaged product and we can ship one brand new to you.

What if my card expires in between 2 months without me knowing? Will I stop receiving my boxes and trainings?

Of course not! We‚Äôre not that crual. Our team can access a special option for ‚Äėsoon expiring‚Äô cards and will send you a reminder so you can upgrade your billing info if you wish to keep your membership running. Remember that our goal is to see you thrive, not to kiss you goodbye because of a card issue.

Do BOX for BOSS boxes arrive in a branded box?

Yes, all of our boxes are shipped in a stylish branded box. ūüĎÄ

Can I write BOX for BOSS investment off my taxes? If yes, HOW?

YES! Definitely! You can write it off as a business expense. The best way to go about it, and what we recommend you do is talking to your accountant about how you can write this off on your annual taxes! #SelfInvestmentForever



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